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Textured Soy Protein Machine

Model No.: DS DZseries
Product Name: Textured Soy Protein Machine
Product Origin: china
Standard: export standard
Brand Name: jinan saixin machinery
PriceTerms: TT
Supply Ability: 10 sets/m
Detailed Product Description:
textured soy protein Machine.Stable performance, Permanent working life,Simple operation, Accurate parameter control,Various typ

Textured Soy Protein Machine

Soybean protein food Processing Line is developed and manufactured on base of our experience combined with the advanced machine from foreign countries. This line takes soybean dreg and peanut dregs as main raw materials. After milling, mixing extruding and cutting, the dregs become layer fiber structure. The finished products has high nutrition; looks and tastes like meat; easy to absorbing oil, water and smell; without cholesterol and animal fat, so it is used in meat products industry, fast food production, deepfreeze food production, and all kinds of maigre snacks and food.

1.Production Description

Textured soy protein machine uses the newest production equipment which is researched and developed according to the market demand and country's basic condition .
This processing line uses the soybean and the peanut as the raw material and makes the round protein moisture become the chain shape and reorganization then form the sheet fibre structure by grinding ,mixing, conditioning, high temperature, high pressure and high cutting.
This product has the high nutrition, the meaty state and taste. Meanwhile it does not include the cholesterol and the animal tallow. It has the following features such as oil-absorbing, water-absorbing, ador-absorbing and can be used in all kinds of professions

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