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dog food extruder machine

Model No.: DS DZseries
Product Name: dog food extruder machine
Product Origin: China
Standard: China
Brand Name: saixin machine
PriceTerms: T/T
Supply Ability: 120 sets/m
Detailed Product Description:
  1. Dog and cat foods, directly extruded and dried, dry or semi-moist. 
  These constitute the biggest market segment. 
  2. Wet-textured products are also based on a mixture of vegetable and animal proteins, 
  but include much higher meat addition rates. 
  Typically, they have water contents of 60 to 70%.
   They are extruded as endless strands and are cut after the extruder 
and then processed into complete canned feeds. 

Specifications food machine , pet food /animal food processing line
2. company established in 1995
3.CE certificate

dog food machine Pet food machine fish feed machine

Our company is a specialized in pet food machine, dog food machine ,

fish food machine production field for many years.

With mature manufacture technology ,High degree of automation,

Perfect design of our machines to produce many different kinds of pet food

( including dog,cat,fish,shrimp poultry food etc.) for the past 20 years

since our company is established in 1995,

we have gained excellent reputation from the foreign customers all over the world.

We have a variety of models of equipment for pet food,fish food and shrimp food.

Our machines can produce different shapes

and sizes of pet food .120-150kg/h,200kg/h,500kg/h,1 ton/h and 1.5ton,3-4tons/h etc.

dog,fish,cat,shrimp pet food machine/animal food processing line,

dog food machine

is used to produce the food with novel shape,particular taste and color.

Scientific nutrition combination catch up the trend of the market.

dog food machine,dog food machinery,dog food extruder machine,

dog food extruder,dog food making machine

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